Pulverizadores Fede leads agroCPS, which has the aim of testing a comprehensive management of the plantations.

The SCG device (Specialty Crops Gateway) is one of the technologies that participate in agroCPS, within the European macro-project DIH4CPS, which aims to create a wide ecosystem of functional and transversal digital solutions. DIH4CPS has generated an interdisciplinary and inclusive network together with service and solution providers connected to other European innovation clusters.

In this macro-project, different application experiments are being developed. One of these projects is agroCPS, which Pulverizadores Fede leads and coordinates. The agroCPS project aims to test a comprehensive management of the plantations, from the field to warehouse operations, sales, logistics and accounting. In this context, the SCG device plays an important role as the first 4.0 integration system specifically focused on the high-value crop sector.

In this way, in agroCPS the SCG device is being tested to continue increasing and developing functionalities to explore the possibilities of integration together with the project participants.


Digitalization and monitoring of the field tasks

The SCG device, installed on the tractor or fleet of tractors of any brand, allows to digitalize field tasks (fertilization, spraying, shredding, pruning, etc.), as well as the control of operators, costs and maintenance of the agricultural implements.

This is a low-cost solution designed to improve profitability, from small farmers to large plantations, since it offers all the necessary functionalities to carry out digital management of tasks on the fields.

The SCG device facilitates the digital transition of the high-value crop sector. The device is connected to Pulverizadores Fede digital agronomic management tool Specialty Crops Platform (SCP), from which work orders can be configured to be sent directly to the operator. This entails direct communication between the agronomist and any attached implement to the tractor. Once the tasks have been carried out in the field, all the information is stored in the SCP platform, offering real traceability and allowing agronomic decisions to be made based on precise data.


Control of costs, operators and maintenance

In addition to the valuable data from the field work, SCG offers important indicators for the business management of the plantations. The collection of all the information related to resources and working hours (machine data) allows to program maintenance warnings for the different implements, control costs and view the work of the operators.



“This Application Experiment has received financial support as third party from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through an Open Call issued and executed under the project DIH4CPS (Grant Agreement No. 872548)”.