Cookies Policy


A “Cookie” is a small text file that a website stores in the user’s browser, facilitating browsing through the website and are essential for the proper functioning of the Internet.
Cookies are used, for example, to remember the tastes of users on the website: language, browser used; analyze user habits and behaviors to improve the services offered, or to adapt the contents of a website to the preferences of the visitor.
Cookies can be catalogued as follows:

According to the entity that manages it (Owner):
• Own Cookies: Are those that are sent to your computer from our own computers or domains and from which we provide the requested service.

• Third party Cookies: Those that are sent to your computer from a computer or domain that is not managed by us, but by another collaborating entity. As for example, those used by social networks, or external content such as videos stored on YouTube.

According to the period of time they remain active (Duration):
• Session Cookies: Session Cookies are those that exist the time the user is browsing the webpage and are deleted at the end. The information obtained through these Cookies are used to analyze traffic patterns on the website. In the long run, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve the content and facilitate its use.
• Persistent Cookies: These Cookies are stored on the user’s terminal for a longer period, simplifying the control of the preferences chosen without having to repeat certain parameters on every visit to the website. We use these Cookies, generally, to facilitate the purchase and registration services.

According to its purpose (Purpose):
• Technical Cookies: These are necessary for browsing and the proper functioning of our website. They allow for example, control data traffic and communication, access to restricted areas, to process a purchase order, use security elements, store content to broadcast videos or share content through social networks.
• Personalization Cookies: These Cookies enable the user to specify or personalise various characteristics of the general options of the webpage. For example, to define the language, the preferred volume, the regional configuration of the service, the type of browser or number of results shown per page.
• Analysis Cookies: Analysis tool that helps websites to understand how visitors interact with the site. It can use a set of Cookies to compile information and provide information on usage statistics of websites without personally identifying the visitors, which allow us to improve the offer of products and services.
• Advertising Cookies: Advertising Cookies help to manage advertising spaces in the most efficient way based on specific criteria. For example, frequency of visits, edited content, etc.
• Behavioral advertising Cookies: These Cookies store information on the behavior of users obtained through continuous observation. Thanks to them, we can know the browsing habits on the internet and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.



You may find below the cookies used by this website together with the purpose and duration of each of them:

• Own cookies: they are strictly necessary cookies. They allow user interaction through the website using all its functions.

• Analytical Cookies: Cookies used for analysis, research or statistics in order to know which are the most visited sections, access points, etc. and thus allowing us to improve the website.

• Add-ons cookies: These are cookies used by external add-ons installed on the web for its proper functioning, such as displaying the informative poster about the use of cookies or the cookies used by the online chat of the customer service.



It is important to emphasize that these technologies are not intrusive, since all information obtained through cookies is completely anonymous, and in no case can be associated to a specific and identified user. This information allows FEDE to adapt and improve its website services to the interests of users. However, the user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option in their browser program. FEDE informs that in the event that you disable the use of cookies, browsing may be slower than usual.
You can block or disable cookies at any time by changing your browser’s configuration. This will allow you to reject the installation of all or some cookies. Information on how to manage the use of cookies, depending on the browser used, can be found at these links:
• Internet Explorer:
• Mozilla Firefox:
• Google Chrome:
• Safari:
Should you wish to block analytical cookies from Google, you can install an add-on in your browser following the instructions indicated in this link:
On the other hand, regarding the third party add-ons, plug-ins or complements (such as the services of Google Inc.) used in our website we recommend all users to access the privacy policies of each service provider to obtain more information . The links are:
Google Inc .:


Any user who may have questions about these technologies can send us such queries through our email