In Pulverizadores Fede we are exclusively dedicated to the development design and manufacture of air blast sprayer and trailed mist blower, our equipment for the protection of special crops, which makes us specialists in the sector at an international level.

With more than 50 years of experience, we are the standard of quality and innovation for professionals in agriculture. With our R&D projects we promote the digitization of the field with the goal of making agriculture a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity and helping agricultural companies achieve maximum profitability by offering healthy products to fruit and vegetables consumers.

" Federico Pérez Español, was the founder of the company and an entrepreneur of his time, after ten years dedicated to sale of small tractors, he decided to sell his two properties in order to buy the mold of what would become the first Fede sprayer "

— Valencia, 1967

Innovation and Sustainability

Smartomizer, the first smart and connected trailed air blast.

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