Quality and Environment Policy


Pulverizadores Fede defends a quality and environment policy based on our values of quality, integrity, commitment and innovation. The commitment to these values is present in our demand to improve our company to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, promote the development of our human team and achieve the maximum reduction of the environmental impacts of our products.


Excellence in the quality of our products and services. Meet the demands of customers is one of our main objectives, so we take care of your experience to the maximum, giving them the best attention and assistance. Every contact with the people who are interested in our products is an opportunity to offer them the best possible treatment and to know the human side of Pulverizadores Fede.


Compliance, and in many cases overcoming, of current legislation. Respect for equality between men and women, age, ethnicity, condition and religion. Increase in staff motivation and participation. The human team is the essence of our company and their total commitment enables their skills to promote the common good. Work methodology based on prevention and not on correction. This necessarily implies that our personnel develop their competences in their respective disciplines through continuous training to increase their knowledge, skills and aptitudes and acquire adequate experience in their jobs. Audit of our processes and products carried out by independent bodies to ensure compliance with this policy.


Promotion the development of a productive, profitable, sustainable agriculture that respects the environment and healthy for people. Creation of eco-designed products, reducing the environmental impact in all its phases of development: design, materials, production, use, durability, optimization of useful life and ultimate recycling facility. Commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the organization globally during the development of our activity and the placing on the market of our products. Alignment and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations Organization in 2015. Transmission of our values and commitment to our customers and to the companies with which we collaborate, which we help to achieve compliance.


Investment in RD. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability pushes us to research, develop and market important projects that improve our equipment and promote sustainable agriculture. Collaboration with prestigious universities and research centers in order to implement scientific discoveries in products and services that reach the market, transferring and spreading such knowledge to society.