The H3O technology is part of the pilot 5.1 “Disease prediction and transparency of the supply chain for orchards and vineyards”.

Pulverizadores Fede is part of the European DEMETER project, focused on the technological integration of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and smart farming. It is a macro-project in which around 6.000 farmers participate and in which nearly 38.000 sensors and devices are being tested throughout the supply chain, under the concept of “from farm to fork”.



IoT spraying, data integration and traceability: Smartomizer H3O and SCG

Pulverizadores Fede is part of the DEMETER pilot 5.1 “Disease prediction and transparency of the supply chain for orchards and vineyards”. Within the framework of this project, the integration and data exchange of Pulverizadores Fede’s IoT technologies are being tested: the Smartomizer H3O, the Specialty Crops Platform (SCP) agronomic management tool and the SCG (Specialty Crops Gateway) device which, in addition to the spraying, includes the configuration and execution of all work orders in the field (plowing, pruning, harvesting …) to have a detailed control of tasks, equipment, operators and costs.

This pilot is focused on a complete management of orchards and vineyards plantation, through Dunavnet’s DNET agroNET platform, which is integrated with Pulverizadores Fede SCP to provide all the data related to spraying and real traceability of the crops.

In this way, within the framework of DEMETER, Pulverizadores Fede’s IoT solutions are integrated with other platforms to provide pest and disease management tools with the aim of optimizing the use of pesticides and increasing the quality of the harvest (treatments, results and costs). Likewise, all spraying data is stored to provide real traceability, ensuring the veracity of the data and thus improving agri-food safety standards.



“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857202”.