This recognition outlines the reduction of pesticides use and the GHG emissions of the Smartoizer H3O.

The Smartomizer H3O has received a new great recognition, the special mention of the of the Jury in the European Bee Award 2021, assigned to particularly worthy projects. Initiated in 2014, by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) and the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA), the Bee Award is committed to find common solutions for the benefit of biodiversity by rewarding projects protecting pollinators.

Pulverizadores Fede presented the application “Smatomizer H3O: protecting bees by reducing the pesticides use”. The Smartomizer H3O is an integrated pest management system that reduces negative effects on pollinators and also protects biodiversity by reducing the environmental impact of the high value crops protection task by carrying out precise and eco-responsible treatments which:

  1. Protect bees from death and colony collapse disorder caused by high pesticides use and pollution exposure.

  2. Help beekeeper farmers on the hives protection and management.

  3. Improve food-security standards: less pesticides residues in honey.

These environmental, agronomic and food-security achievements are based on the H3O technology reductions (pesticides and GHG emissions) and the important data derived from the digitalization of the treatments. The Smartomizer H3O reaches outstanding environmental goals by carrying out an effective and successful agronomic performance while reducing the pesticides use up to 25%, reducing 15dB the noise pollution, registering a reduction of 4l/h of fuel consumption and enabling biological treatments on large scale. Furthermore, this system, connected to the SCP (Specialty Crops Platform), Pulverizadores Fede digital agronomic management tool, potentially helps the beekeepers by providing real traceability and precise data of the field treatments which is a valuable information to take decisions on the hive’s management.



With the contribution of the European Union’s LIFE Programme, the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action, under grant agreement LIFE18 ENV/ES/000349.