The new system for high-value woody crops has been developed in collaboration with Universidad de Córdoba within the Innolivar project.

Pulverizadores Fede has developed, together with Universidad de Córdoba, a new system to optimize the phytosanitary treatments of high value woody crops. It is a water temperature and pH control system, developed within the Innolivar project framework.

The new system is integrated into sprayer prototype dedicated to the protection of olive trees, both in the traditional and intensive plantations. The sprayer incorporates a pH and water temperature sensors in its tank that automatically activate the control system. These sensors optimize the characteristics of the water to perform an optimal mix with the phytosanitary product, ensuring that each drop has the right amount of chemical.

Likewise, the system includes a method of direct injection of active ingredients that allows one or more chemical products to be added in a variable way to the mixture, both in solid and liquid format. Furthermore, this sprayer has a double tank in order for the mixture to maintain its properties for as long as possible so that the amount of chemical, temperature and pH are in an optimal state at the time of the treatment application.

The first temperature and pH control system of the sector

This is the first system of the of high value woody crops sector that proactively controls pH and temperature, the two properties of water that most influence the chemical’s ability to dissolve. Thanks to this innovation, the dissolution of the active substances is carried out under suitable pH and temperature conditions.

This suitability entails important agronomic and mechanical benefits: optimal state of the mixture in the spraying, homogeneity of the application, reduction of drift, better absorption by the vegetation and the increase in the lifetime of the mechanical components. Likewise, thanks to the precise application, this system complies with the regulations for the sustainable use of phytosanitary products.