Pulverizadores Fede performs high value crops protection reaching a reduction of the drift up to 50%, a decrease up to 25% in the use of pesticides and savings of 4l/h of fuel consumption with the Smartomizer H3O®.

Therefore, this sprayer contributes with demonstrated success to the achievement of important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the UN: responsible production (12), industry (9), action for the climate and protection of the ecosystem (13 and 15) as well improving agri-food security standards (2 and 3). This IoF (Internet of Farming) technology, already established in the international market, is a proved sustainable food production method. The Smartomizer H3O® is the solution adopted by high value crops plantations around the world as it performs sustainable treatments while increasing at the same time business profitability.

The Smartomizer H3O® is connected to the Specialty Crops Platform (SCP), an agronomic management tool manage the whole treatment process (configuration, performance and analysis). This platform collects and displays all the data from the field task, which empowers its users to make better decisions on agronomic issues and business, so they optimize the resources and minimize the environmental impact of the crops protection treatments by reducing the emissions significantly.

As a pioneering technology in high value crops machinery sector, the Smartomizer H3O® has received numerous innovation awards and recognitions such as the prestigious Efficient Solution label by Solar Impulse Foundation – which has the support of the UN -. Pulverizadores Fede is a key player in various important European projects linked to sustainability and the IoF in the context of agriculture.

LIFE-F3: demonstration of the Smartomizer H3O® efficiency and transfer of information

Pulverizadores Fede leads the LIFE – F3 project (LIFE Farm, Fresh Fruit ENV/ES/000349) to carry out field trials which validate theoretical tests and demonstrate the high reduction of the emissions during the application of phytosanitary treatments.

Likewise, within the framework of LIFE-F3, numerous transfer of information actions are being carried out to promote digital and IoF education in the high-value crop sector. With this purpose, Pulverizadores Fede conducts workshops in which its technicians show how the technology works. Furthermore, the Fede Academy has been launched, a customized and specialized platform that gives training to develop the digital skills of the high value crops producers.

In this way, the LIFE-F3 project has the goal of boosting ambitious environmental policies in the European Union to achieve the objective to stop the climate change related to the agricultural sector impact.