The Spanish National Association of Agricultural Machinery and Green Spaces trusts Pulverizadores Fede Director as a representative in the European Association of Agricultural Machinery.

CEMA actively represents and defends the European sector and its SMEs on the world map of the agricultural machinery. This important European association, formed by eleven national members among which is the Spanish ANSEMAT, works with the priority of promoting the advance of the European regulations and the agricultural machinery as a solution to achieve a sustainable agriculture.

During the last General Assembly of CEMA, Fede Pérez, Pulverizadores Fede Director, was elected as a Member of the Board of Directors on behalf of ANSEMAT. While holding this position, which will last for two years, Fede Pérez will work to present proposals focused on improving the agricultural productivity by reducing its environmental impact with the implementation of smart machines, digital agronomic tools and by promoting the value of the IoT (Internet of Things) integrated data. Furthermore, he will work to enhance Mediterranean and southern European agriculture, and to give relevance to the work of small and specialized companies.

The current CEMA Board of Directors is composed by the President Thierry Krier (KUHN), the Vice-presidents Christoph Wigger (John Deere), Paul Snauwaert (CNH Industrial) and Anthony van der Ley (Lemken), and by the executive members Maurizio Bandini (Argo Tractors), Thomas Böck (CLAAS), Steve Clarke (AGCO), Alessandro Malavolti (AMA), Germán Martínez (KUBOTA), Heinz Pöttinger (Alois Pöttinger), Massimo Ribaldone (SDF), Gijs Scholman (Lely Industries N.V), John B. Smith (JCB Agriculture), Stefan Top (AVR) and Fede Pérez (Pulverizadores Fede).


CEMA: agriculture 4.0 and smart farming

According to the Association, agriculture 4.0 and smart farm machines are drivers for efficiency and competitiveness in modern sustainable farming. Therefore, they state that “EU Regulations must however be appropriate, harmonizing the rules without burdening the sector with excessive administrative and technical requirements”. In this way, CEMA works to develop new regulations and initiatives that contribute to boost innovation in the agri-food chain progressively. This institution also promotes and defends worldwide the European agricultural machinery and technologies as a solution to face the challenge of feeding a growing world population while minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture.


More than 30 years of commitment to the high value crops sector

Federico Pérez is the CEO and R&D Director of Pulverizadores Fede, he is also founder and Vice President in Beijing Fengmao Fede Agrimachines CO. Since 2007, when he became CEO, Fede Pérez has driven the digital transformation of the company focusing on the development of new technologies applied to the agriculture’s digitization in the high value crops sector. He is also part of the board of directors of the Spanish National Association of Agricultural Machinery, Forestry and Green Spaces (ANSEMAT), the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery (FIMA) and CEMA (European Agricultural Machinery Association).