The high-tech leader of sprayers for the high value crops sector incorporates the latest advances from the telecom world to drive the digitalization on the fields.

Pulverizadores Fede has received the Smart Primary Award in the Digital Transformation category for its achievements in the digital conversion of its high-value crops protection equipment (citrus, fruit, almonds, olives, vine…). The Smart Primary awards highlight the companies, projects and professionals who are committed to innovation, evolution and improvement of the primary sector through digital transformation and an intelligent exploitation of information.

With more than fifty years of history as a manufacturer of machinery (air blasts, mistblowers), Pulverizadores Fede made the leap to digital transformation in 2015. After decades of developing mechanical improvements, Fede began its conversion to an industrial-technological company with the incorporation of the advances from the telcom sector in its equipment.

The great value, both agronomic and business, of Pulverizadores Fede technological-digital innovations have received the support of the European Union in different innovation & research projects within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme, as well as in the lines of the CDTI+i.

Smartomizer H3O: the first high vale crops sprayer of the IoT

Pulverizadores Fede has developed the H3O technology that provides intelligence, precision and connectivity to its sprayers, turning them into Smartomizers. The Smartomizer H3O is the first high-value crops sprayer of the IoT (Internet of Things), which is connected to a digital agronomic management tool (Specialty Crops Platform). The Smartomizer H3O is the most awarded high-value crops protection equipment in history. It has received nine innovation & sustainability awards as it reduces pesticide use by up to 25% and it provides real traceability of treatments.

However, Pulveradores Fede’s digital solutions go beyond spraying since its SCG device, which is easily installed on the tractor, allows the monitoring and recording of all field work data, cost control and shows maintenance warnings of the different machinery used in the field tasks.

These innovations make life easier for thousands of agricultural operators, agronomists and agricultural companies around the world. For this reason, Pulveradores Fede has become the world technology leader in the high-value crops sector, playing an important pioneering role in the development of technology, digital agronomic management tools and integration solutions.


Smart Primary: incorporating telecommunications advances in the primary sector

The Smart Primary Congress and Fair is dedicated to the innovation, evolution and improvement of the primary sector through its digital transformation. This professional meeting aims to raise awareness about the proximity of technology and intelligent management to the primary sector, which still has pending the generalization of the use of these new tools. Smart Primary is organized by the Conselleria d’Innovació (Comunitat Valenciana), Universities, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital and different professional associations of the Valencian Community, as promoters and necessary drivers of the digital transformation that is revolutionizing all sectors, especially the primary one.