Smart, automatic and precise treatments that reduce the use of pesticides, water and greenhouse gas emissions..

Pulverizadores Fede Smartomizer H3O has successfully completed its participation in IoF2020 (Internet of Food & Farming), with the support of its distributors Samuel Salgado (Portugal), Promodis (Poland) and Lakkos (Hungary) as well as the research group Unidad de Mecanización Agraria of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). The objective of this European project is to promote the implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and their integration in the agricultural sector. This project’s innovative solutions reduce the environmental impact of the agrarian activity, improve the productivity and profitability of agricultural companies while adding value to the supply chain.


Great reduction of the spraying environmental impact

Within the framework of the IoF2020, the Smartomizer H3O has proven itself as a successful use case as it achieves significant improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and traceability. Throughout the project, field tests have been carried out coordinated by the UMA-UPC (Agricultural Mechanization Unit of the UPC). The results of the Smartomizer H3O tests show potential reductions up to 26% in the pesticide use, with a proportional decrease of the application volume. These figures entail also a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions up to 39%.

Cost reduction through accuracy, connectivity and the value of data

The Smartomizer H3O is effective and efficient, which leads into biodiversity protection and profitability increase for the farmers. It is a smart and connected sprayer for orchards that performs precision treatments. The equipment is connected to a digital agronomic management platform (Specialty Crops Platform, SCP). The work orders are configured in the SCP and sent directly to the sprayer for it to make a self-adjustment and carry out the treatment based on the given parameters. The H3O is a pro-active technology, the operator visualizes the performance of the treatment in progress on an interface in the tractor cabin, hence receives real-time warnings in case any of the spraying parameters is not correct. This is a great benefit due the mistakes can be corrected on the spot. Likewise, once the treatment is finished, all the spraying data is saved for its analysis and to provide real traceability.

Dr. Lars T. Berger, Pulverizadores Fede CTO (Chieff Technology Officer), links the agronomic, business and environmental advantages of the Smartomizer H3O and highlights the importance of training the agriculture professionals in the use of the new technologies:


IoF2020: Internet of Things technologies integration in the fields

The IoF2020 project paves the way for a data-driven agricultural transition to increase productivity in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way, helping the European agriculture being more competitive in a globalized world.

Having this goal, IoF2020 is focused on maximizing the positive impact of the long-term implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in the agri-food sector. It encompasses both the supply chain, promoting innovative business models, as well as the consumers to accelerate the implementation of solutions that guarantee food-security standards.


IoF2020 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 731884. Visit for more information about the project.