Fede Pérez, CEO Pulverizadores Fede, will participate in the panel “A new Common Agricultural Policy: driver of Investment, Growth and Sustainability.

CEMA, the association representing the European agricultural machinery industry, organizes its annual summit under the title “Seeding the Future of Sustainable Farming“. The event will be held virtually on April 14th and it will focus the conversation on the digital solutions and advances in agricultural machinery to respond to the objectives of the European Green Deal.

This great event will gather together institutional representatives such as Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice-President of the European Commission), Janusz Wojciechowski (EU Commissioner of Agriculture and Rural Development), Pekka Pesonen (COPA-COGECA Secretary General) and Andre Loesekrug-Pietri (JEDI Director), among others. Leading figures from the main agricultural machinery manufacturers will also take part in the meeting: Thierry Krier (CEO Kuhn), Mark von Pentz (President, Worldwide Agriculture & Turf Division Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia Small Ag & Turf, John Deere), Carlo Lambro (Brand President, New Holland Agriculture)…

#CEMASummit2021 will be the forum to “strike a balance, assess progress and connect technology with the challenges EU agriculture faces today on the aspirations for tomorrow”.

Investment as a key to boost agricultural sustainability

The conversation of the second plenary session will put the attention on the topic: “A new Common Agricultural Policy: driver of Investment, Growth and Sustainability“. In this debate, Fede Pérez (CEO Pulverizadores Fede), representing SMEs of the high-value crops sector, will talk about the importance of promoting the investment in the farming digital transformation to keep alive the agricultural activity by attracting young generations of farmers, agronomists and entrepreneurs, as a way to efficiently achieve the quality, profitability and sustainability goals of the 2030 agenda.


#CEMASummit2021 is open to all agriculture professionals, you can check all the details of the event on the official CEMA website: information and registration.