Pulverizadores Fede adds a new international recognition for its Smartomizer H3O®, which accumulate more than eight awards for innovation and sustainability.

These international recognitions guarantee it as a sustainable production method and what distinguish it as the most awarded high-value crop protection equipment in history.

The new award received is the Efficient Solution label, awarded by Solar Impulse, a prestigious foundation that has the support of the United Nations, Unesco, European Commission and World Bank, among other important institutions. With this distinction, the Smartomizer H3O® becomes part of a demanding selection of the most innovative and efficient solutions that aim to tackle climate change. So far, the Smartomizer H3O® is the only agricultural machinery that has received the Efficient Solution label from Solar Impulse, which gives it the highest distinction among the proposals of the agricultural sector.

The solutions chosen by Solar Impulse, after a rigorous evaluation, are those that respond to UN – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that are ready to implement offering proven improvement results. In this sense, they are not only ecological but logical solutions, as indicated by the founder of Solar Impulse Bertrand Piccard, since in addition to reducing the environmental impact on the different productive sectors, they contribute to economic development. To this end, the Solar Impulse Foundation is selecting the 1000 most innovative solutions that can protect the environment, generating economic profitability and thus present them to political institutions to urge them to adopt more ambitious environmental and energy goals.

That is why the Smartomizer H3O® has been selected as a solution for Objective 12 “Responsible Production and Consumption” since it facilitates an eco-efficient and innovative production of high-value crops (citrus, fruits, vegetables, olive groves). The Smartomizer H3O® by Pulverizadores Fede reduces drift by 50% during phytosanitary treatments since the trailed air blast performs precision applications based on the plant mass of the crop, which translates into a decrease of approximately 25% in the use of pesticides. In addition, this technology offers total control of spraying thanks to the digitization of data, which is a great value for agricultural companies since it allows them to make better decisions with which to increase their profitability. Along with these advances, the improvement of food safety standards also stands out since the Smartomizer H3O® offers real traceability of the phytosanitary treatments carried out.

Smartomizer H3O® as a sustainable production method

Smartomizer H3O® are found in fields around the world, being the technology of choice for many of the world’s leading high-value crop farms that have implemented sustainable production methods. These trailed air blast represented 20% of the sales of Pulverizadores Fede during the past year, a percentage that is expected to reach 50% in 2020 given the market demand for a quality and healthy fruit whose production is efficient, respectful with the environment and to promote agri-food security.