The H3O technology of Pulverizadores Fede shows exact data on the treatments carried out and allows its display on the map.

Agricultural trailed air blast has been used to carry out disinfection tasks since the COVID-19 health crisis began. The streets, parks and gardens of Spanish towns and cities have been sprayed to combat the virus and effectively sanitize public spaces.

The trailed air blast incorporates H3O technology are used as Smartomizers as they are smart, connected equipment. Therefore, farmers and local government that have Fede’s trailed air blast with H3O technology obtained the exact data from the work carried out.

The Smartomizers facilitate the work since they show in real time whether the treatment is being carried out correctly following the established parameters for effective disinfection. Likewise, once spraying is complete, all the treatment data is stored on the digital platform associated with the equipment for detailed viewing. In this way, thanks to the collection and visualization of the data, it can be verified whether the disinfection has been carried out correctly and with the appropriate dose of product.

Likewise, in case of detecting that a street has not been sprayed, disinfection can be carried out in a localized way, without the need to repeat all the treatment and thus avoid possible negative consequences of poor disinfection.

Smartomizer Futur H3O work in Cheste

One of the local governments that has carried out the disinfection of public roads with a Smartomizer Futur H3O is Cheste (Valencia, Spain). The satellite image shows the area of the town for which the team has carried out the work. The streets with green layout show the passage of the Smartomizer and its correct work, also in the digital platform of agronomic management you have access to all the detailed data in relation to the volume of broth used, the speed and all the critical parameters to carry out a spraying effective and efficient.