The new range of trailed air blast of 4000l range of sprayers from Pulverizadores Fede adds efficiency to the work of protecting high-value crops on large fields.

This maximum capacity trailed air blast responds to the needs of these large plantations, providing autonomy and efficiency in working in the field. These are equipment with a special design, adjusted to the street widths typical of intensive crops. Also, its studied morphology prevents internal waves, making it safe, practical, and functional equipment.

H3O technology: precision, digitization, and traceability

Likewise, the 4000l trailed air blast of Pulverizadores Fede can incorporate H3O technology to perform precision treatments since it equips the trailed air blast with intelligence and connectivity.

In this way, the 4000l H3O trailed air blast adjust the application according to the phenological stage allowing a drift reduction of approximately 50%. Likewise, the system sends real-time alerts in the event that any parameter of the spray is incorrect so that the operator can correct it and carry out effective treatments with real-time information.

After work in the field is complete, all spray data is stored in detail for easy analysis and better business and agronomic decisions.

In addition, this exact record offers real traceability to improve food safety standards and show buyers that the treatments have been carried out correctly, in a sustainable way and with the appropriate doses of plant protection product. Check all the functionalities of H3O technology by making click here.