The new facilities of Pulverizadores Fede have opened to achieve their goals and commitment to farmers and agricultural companies.

Despite the difficulties and the challenge of carrying out a transfer and the start-up of a whole productive infrastructure in this context, Pulverizadores Fede has managed to carry out this work, using all security measures.

The new Pulverizadores Fede facilities are already operational, both in the factory and in technical service, spare parts and customer service. This new space will triple current production and respond to the growing national and international demand for trailed air blast and trailed mist blower that incorporate smart spraying systems.

Pulverizadores Fede, technological benchmark in protection of high-value crops, continues its business development with the implementation of production processes typical of the advanced automotive sector. The modernization of the facilities and production methods will thus translate into an efficient increase in productivity, complying with the criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment that define the company.

Likewise, as leaders in the digitization of field tasks in their sector, Pulverizadores Fede has also transferred the digital transformation that drives its production process in the field to maximize quality standards and optimize resources.

Currently, the facilities are already open to the public to provide an immediate response to the needs of farmers in this exceptional context, which is why attention is paid to protection measures.
Once the health crisis caused by COVID-19 is over, Pulverizadores Fede will celebrate an official inauguration and an open day with agricultural professionals that difficulties are always overcome with teamwork.

The most advanced facilities in the sector

The new factory of Pulverizadores Fede is one of the most advanced in the field of the manufacture of trailed air blast and trailed mist blower by implementing a line production system. To do this, various lean manufacturing tools have been adopted that will streamline processes and maximize their production efficiency. Likewise, all processes are developed under the philosophy of continuous improvement. This transformative initiative and the reconversion of the production process has been positively valued by IVACE and FEDER Funds (European Regional Development Fund), entities that have financially supported this project (Administrative record IMINOB/2019/18).