DEMETER is a project financed by the European Union that gathers more than 60 partners from eighteen different countries with the aim to promote the digitalization of farming. In .

In order to accomplish with this objective, the project encompasses both the development and the implementation of new technologies (IoT and smart farming) throughout the entire agriculture and cattle supply chain, from farm to fork.

During the development of the European project DEMETER, which is based on technological integration to empower farming professionals, 20 pilots will be deployed throughout the whole value chain, including production, suppliers and consumers. In this way, the philosophy of inclusive technology as a growth opportunity for the agricultural and cattle sector is the main point of this macro-project in which nearly 6,000 farmers will participate, and in which approximately 38,000 sensors and technological devices will be used.

Traceability in the high value crops sector

Pulverizadores Fede as a partner of the DEMETER project has as a mission to promote the applications of the IoF (Internet of Farming) in the sector of the production of high-value crops (fruit, citrus, olive and vine), specifically to obtain and provide real traceability data.

In this context of transparency, Pulverizadores Fede participates in a pilot project in which the effectiveness of H3O technology and the functionalities of the SCP (Specialty Crops Platform) agronomic management tool will be validated, integrating them with the other software and hardware components from DEMETER. The objective of this pilot is to verify that these technological advances generate high-value data for companies and real traceability for consumers.
In this way, Pulverizadores Fede will work in the integration of the data generated by devices and systems deployed by other DEMETER partners with its technology. This gathered information will so provide a continuous traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

All information about DEMETER is available on the official website ( You can also be updated about the DEMETER project through their social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

“Demeter is a Horizon 2020 project (857202) supported by the European Union.”