Farmers have all the needed supplies to carry out the spraying tasks in their fields, as well as customer service since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Agriculture is a fundamental activity for the society that has gained more relevance due to the health crisis of COVID-19. Pulverizadores Fede, as a provider of essential services for farmers, keeps working in order to guarantee the supply of equipment, spare parts and customer service to all farmers and agricultural companies that require it to help them carrying out their important activity of ensuring food production.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Pulverizadores Fede has stood by the farmers, showing its commitment to agriculture, to give them the necessary assistance and facilitate the continuity of his indispensable task in the fields. Pulverizadores Fede has all the needed stock of spraying equipment and spare parts for sprayers of any brand, so they can work with no trouble and without interruption during the campaign. Also, the customer service remains active for all farmers who request it, whatever the brand of sprayers they work with.

From the first day that the state of alarm was decreed, Pulverizadores Fede has implemented the security measures indicated by the health authorities to protect both the company’s workers and all those farmers who require our products and attention.