Pulverizadores Fede shows its commitment in the fight against COVID-19 by lending equipment to carry out disinfection tasks of streets, parks and gardens in Spain.

In this health crisis, Pulverizadores Fede equipment has been already working on cleaning various municipalities in Spain since last week. Moreover, many farmers that are Pulverizadores Fede users have contributed with their equipment to carry out the disinfection of the municipalities, providing their knowledge and expertise in the management of this agricultural technology. Furthermore, various machines have been required in China, where they are also being used to disinfect their streets effectively.

To achieve greater effectiveness of the work, Pulverizadores Fede technicians advise that, as far as possible, a line of nozzles must be incorporated in the lower part of the sprayers, since this accessory allows directing the application to the ground in order to carry out the disinfection correctly.

In this way, the agricultural machines have acquired a new functionality, speeding up the disinfection tasks of the streets of towns and cities to actively help slow down the advance of COVID-19.

If you need information and advice on how to use Pulverizadores Fede sprayers to disinfect the streets, you can contact their headquarters at 0034 962 51 03 69.