Pulverizadores Fede, world leader in technological innovation for protection high-value crops protection technology, has received the support of the European Union within the LIFE + Climate Action program, which aims to promote projects that really contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect providing success results..

The project led by Pulverizadores Fede is LIFE – F3 (LIFE Farm, Fresh Fruit ENV / ES / 000349) and has as purpose to demonstrate how the H3O technology makes intelligent and precision treatments based on the tree raw volume (TRV) . This spraying accuracy means a reduction up to the 25% in the use of water and pesticides compared to standard sprays. Likewise, the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases from H3O comes also from the reduction of fuel consumption up to 4 l/h. Furthermore, the innovative design of the Smartomizer H3O air conduct reduces the noise pollution by 15 dBA.

The Smartomizer H3O sprayers are already working all around the world, as it is the solution adapted by some of the most important high value crops producers. The LIFE program co-finances projects that demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the technologies, tools and methodologies that can be adapted to the environmental policies of the European Union to achieve its objectives against climate change. In this sense, Pulverizadores Fede, thanks to the LIFE-F3 project, will carry out case use tests of the H3O technology in real contexts, with the collaboration of Elaia (Portugal) and Viñas del Vero (Spain) , in olive trees and vineyard plantations respectively, to quantitatively demonstrate their positive environmental impact. Among thiese partners, Pulverizadores Fede will have the support of the official distributors Tractomoz and Vibasa to carry out the tests and trials.

Transfer of knowledge and innovation to the agriculture professionals

Another important point of the LIFE program is the transfer of the information in order to maximize the impact of the new technology implementation. In this sense, Pulverizadores Fede will create a certification program during the development of the LIFE-F3 project.

This program has the goal of educating and training the H3O technology distributors in order they learn how to start up and use both the precision sprayers and the iCloud services of the digital platform to which it is connected. Thanks to this specialized training, professionals will be able to use all functionalities related to traceability and total control of treatments.

To do so, Pulverizadores Fede will create Fede Academy, a platform that contains teaching materials (guides, manuals, presentations and video tutorials). Also, these learning tools will include online exams with which professionals can demonstrate the understanding of the content so they can obtain their certification in the use of new digital technologies that perform a sustainable protection of the high-value crops.