See & Spray represents an unprecedented qualitative progress in the protection of high-value crops and that represents the great leap in autonomy sprayer and a 40% reduction in the use of pesticides.

Pulverizadores Fede drives again the technological career in the sector of high value crop protection with the development of See & Spray (S&S) . This technology has received the Innovation Award at FIMA 2020 for revolutionizing the spraying concept as we know it because it gives the power of autonomy to the sprayer.

See & Spray (S&S) is the first technology for high-value crops protection that fuses the application of precision processing and artificial intelligence (AI) processing locally with the Internet cloud services of Agriculture (IoF) .

This innovation is the result of the evolution of the Smartomizer H3O, intelligent and connected sprayer that allows the digitalization of treatment data, which has been widely accepted in the market. The specialization of Pulverizadores Fede in the technological development in the area of digitalization and precision has resulted in a technology that makes the Smartomizer H3O is able to adjusting tree-to-tree spraying, which leads to a 40% reduction in use of chemical productsin the treatments. Thus, See & Spray (S&S) takes the concept of precision one step further, representing the solution that agricultural companies need to increase the efficiency of treatments.

FIMA 2020 (February 25-29, Zaragoza) will be the stage at the Pulverizadores Fede will introduce the sprayer of the future for the first time to publicize all its functionalities and technical details, in addition to the benefits related to the reduction of environmental impact of spraying task and improving food safety (Hall 1, stand BC / 27-36).


The development is co-funded by the FieldCompanion project (E! 11884), which is supported by the Eurostars program.

This project (E! 118844) has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint program with co-funding from CDTI and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program.