Pulverizadores Fede, an international reference in the development of agronomic management equipment and tools for the protection of high value crops, has been accepted as a new member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions for the advances incorporated in its Smartomizer H3O, intelligent and connected trailed air blast.

This world alliance, whose application is the development of innovative and efficient solutions, it is part of the Solar Impulse Foundation, which has the support of institutions such as the United Nations, Unesco and the European Commission, among others.

The solutions support by Solar Impulse are those that can meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . Responsible production and consumption, sustainable cities and communities, innovation and infrastructure, renewable energy, drinking water and sanitation. In this context, Smartomizer H3O, technology that has received important international innovation awards, direct link with the eco-efficient and innovative production of high-value crops (citrus, fruits, vegetables, olives).

The H3O technology developed by Pulverizadores Fede reduces drift by 50% during phytosanitary treatments as the equipment makes precision applications based on TRV of crops. These reduction data were obtained through tests carried out by two prestigious agricultural research institutions: The Agricultural Mechanization Unit of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and the IVIA (Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research) and are endorsed by users of the H3O technology of fields.

In addition, the H3O Smartomizer offers full control of the spraying thanks to the data digitalization, which is a great value for agricultural companies as it allows them to verify in real time that they are performing correctly. Therefore, the complete visualization of the data also allows agronomic decisions to be made with valuable information, which regarding to increased business profitability for fruit and vegetable producers.

Thus, the H3O Smartomizer is presented as a solution that join ecology and economy as it links agricultural sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the activity with business viability, thus being an opportunity for economic growth. In addition, the reduction the use of phytosanitary product and the control spraying of the Smartomizer entails an improvement of the standards of agro-food safety.