Agrievolution Summit 2019, organized by ANSEMAT, brought together more than 200 professionals from all over the world to talk about the latest advances in machinery for high-value crops and to shape up the foundations of the future of the sector with the aim of creating innovative solutions that respond to the need to produce more with less resources.

Federico Pérez, General Director of Pulverizadores Fede, participated as speaker of the summit in the panel dedicated to the mechanization of high value crops. In his speech he explained, from the perspective of the development of technology for crop protection, how the combination of precision, digitalization, data management and analysis are the combined key to the future of sustainable, more productive and sustainable agriculture. With less environmental impact.

Also, in addition to the development of technological innovation, the summit focused its attention on the need to invest in the continuous training of professionals in the agricultural sector so that they can adapt to technological change and take advantage of the productive and business advantages of the latest generation machines and the application of the advances of the new technologies offer them.