The H3O Smartomizer, intelligent and connected trailed air blast of Pulverizadores Fede will be the leading role in the field of special crop protection in DEMOAGRO SPECIALTY. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to see different Smartomizer models working in the current context and learn about all their functionalities step by step: how to set up a work order from theSpecialty Crops Platform (SCP)  digital agronomic management tool and sending it to the team so that it is self-regulating to apply precision treatment, real-time spray control and receipt of notices during the application to verify that the work is being carried out correctly, as well as display of all data once treatment finished.

The intelligent H3O system allows you to adjust the application of treatments according to the plant mass, which translates into a 48% drift reduction. This treatment adjustment in turn implies an approximate decrease of 25%in the use of phytosanitary products,which represents a significant economic saving for agricultural companies and the reduction of the environmental impact of the treatments carried out. To these reductions, the saving of up to 4l / h of fuel is also added.

Pulverizadores Fede will carry out field tests with different models of H3O Smartomizer to show their efficiency in different types of crops. Professionals from the world of agriculture attend DEMOAGRO SPECIALTY will be able to see the Futur H3O, the famous trailed air blast of Pulverizadores Fede working in citrus. Also, the InverterH3O will carry out demonstrations on deciduous crops to present the effectiveness and efficiency of its air group, which prevents the absorption of fallen leaves to prevent obstructions and mechanical problems. In addition, demonstrations will be carried out with the Tecnovid H3Otrailed mist blower for all those interested in knowing the most advanced equipment for the protection of vineyards.

Other trailed air blast of Pulverizadores Fede that can be seen at full capacity during thedays ofDEMOAGRO SPECIALTY are the conventional models of Futur, Dinamic 8.0 and Dinamic Orange.

APP My Fede

Pulverizadores Fede will present to the assistants to DEMOAGRO SPECIALTY its new mobile application: My Fede. This is an APP that makes available to users, a professional nozzle calibration for free. With the My Fede APP, field professionals can easily calibrate their trailed air blast nozzles, whatever the brand, for more efficient treatments. Also, the application gives access to the latest developments of Pulverizadores Fede and connects users to their social networks. My Fede can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, it is currently only available for Android devices and will soon be available for iOS.