Pulverizadores Fede presents the High-Density sprayer, a new solution to protect fruit crops from field against pests and diseases that require precision treatments on a large scale.

The High Density is a sprayer designed to carry out localized treatments, transferring the usual proximity of vineyard applications to other crops such as apple trees, pear trees and other fruit trees in the “trellis” plantation model, and also in the super-intensive olive and almond crops, among others. This sprayer allows efficient and precise spraying, which saves approximately 40% of the broth volume compared to a conventional sprayer, according to tests carried out in the vineyard.

Uniformity and depth of treatment by proximity

The High-Density sprayer performs the treatment uniformly, covering both the height and the density of effectively and efficiently crop. The fruit protection sprayer is intended for the treatment in hedge crops such as olive and almond trees, as well as for trellis crops such as apple, pears, and others.

The High-Density adapts the application to perform it in an equidistant way while making lifting, extending, or folding movements according to the needs of field work. Likewise, it can incorporate a multirow configuration with four downspouts, which allows doubling the efficiency of the treatment, making the application on twice the surface in each pass.