Pulverizadores Fede presents “My Fede APP”, a free sprayer calibrator that can be used with sprayer of all brands and models. It is a tool designed to help technicians, farmers and operators in the work of spraying in their daily work.

In a very easy way, and in just a few steps, technicians and farmers can perform the calibration of their sprayers to apply an efficient treatment.

In addition to the calibration of the sprayer, with “My Fede APP” you will be informed of the latest developments in sprayer and digitalization and have direct access to the social networks of Pulverizadores Fede.

How do I get “My Fede app”?

  • To use My Fede you just have to download the APP for FREE: available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Once you have downloaded the APP on your mobile device, sign up to start using it.

How do I use the My Fede nozzle calibrator?

  1.  On the HOME screen, select the Calibrator icon.

2.  In the following menu you can setup your calibration step by step in a very simple way: type of nozzles, arrangement of nozzles, nozzle anchors, working parameters, identification and additional information. A submenu will open for each of the points to be defined. Pay special attention to the configuration of nozzles, as well as the data of the working parameters to obtain the appropriate volume of broth.

3.  Once you have configured the treatment, choose if you want to generate and download the calibration in PDF format or if you prefer to send it directly via email or WhatsApp.