Solar Impulse has completed its worldwide selection of the 1000 Efficient Solutions to face climate change while generating economic value.

After three years of a demanding evaluation, this prestigious foundation, which has the support of the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Commission and the World Bank, among other important institutions, has chosen the most outstanding innovations of all the productive sectors that both reduce the environmental impact of its activity and contribute to the economic development.

The Efficient Solution label distinguishes the Smartomizer H3O® as a sustainable production method, being the only crop protection equipment among the selected agricultural solutions. The Smartomizer H3O® has been selected as a solution of the 12 SDG “Responsible Consumption and Production” since it facilitates an eco-efficient and innovative production of high value crops (citrus, fruit, vineyard, olive grove, almond tree).

Agricultural sustainability: environment protection and economic profitability

Environmentally, the Smartomizer H3O® achieves a drift reduction of up to 50%, a reduction up to 25% in the use of pesticides and a savings of 4l/h of fuel consumption. Together with the reduction of the environmental impact of the crops protection treatments, the Solar Impulse Foundation has significantly valued the increase of the profitability of agricultural companies using the Smartomizer H3O®, related to the savings in phytosanitary products, production costs and for the great value of the recorded and digitalized data from fields work for both agronomic and business decision making. Likewise, Solar Impulse highlights the improvement of agri-food safety due to this technology provides real traceability of all the treatments carried out.