Free download for iOS and Android devices.

The My Fede APP, a free sprayers calibrator that can be used with equipment of all brands and models, is now available on iOS. Hundreds of technicians, farmers and operators around the world use this APP since 2019, when it was launched for Android devices.

With the My Fede APP professionals on the fields can easily configure the sprayers calibration to apply an efficient treatment. Through a simple menu, the calibration is quickly configured in just three steps: selection and arrangement of the nozzles, definition of the working parameters and recording of any additional information.

Once the nozzles and work parameters have been settled on, the APP suggests the adequate volume of application to carry out the spraying. Then, MyFede APP generates a PDF that can be downloaded or sent directly via email or WhatsApp.

In addition to the calibration of the equipment, with the APP My Fede you will be informed of the latest news related to Pulverizadores Fede equipment and technology, as well as having direct access to Pulverizadores Fede social media profiles.

Free download and registration of the APP My Fede sprayers calibrator

My Fede APP is free and available for all Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets), in order to use it you only need to register.

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