High Speed air blast to treat high vegetable density citrus


Citrus fruits are one of the hardest crops to spray given their high leaf density. To fight pests and diseases, it is necessary to make a global coverage of the tree, in the external and internal zones since it is in the interior parts of the tree where the pests find shelter to proliferate.

The technical team of Pulverizadores Fede went to lemon fields in which the aphids had persisted due to a treatment with inadequate equipment. To demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the High Speed air blast in a crop of these characteristics (trees of 5.5m wide x 3.5m high), we perform a field test placing water-sensitive paper in the different zones (exterior, intermediate and internal), both on the upper face and on the underside of the sheets, to check the coverage and homogeneity of the application. With this test, it was found that the High Speed air blast reaches all areas of the tree, successfully covering the most critical interior zones..



In the leaves we can see traces of pests that were not reached by previous treatments and the coloring of the paper shows the spraying scope capacity made with the High Speed.


Technical characteristics of the High Speed air blast


The High Speed air blast has been designed to respond to farmers who need to perform the treatments in citrus and other fruit trees of high plant density in the minimum time possible. The effectiveness of application of this equipment is based on its powerful air group that incorporates three lines of nozzles with which it multiplies its application capacity: this grants greater surface of air outlet and allows to vent more volume of liquid at a higher speed. Given its potential, it is an ideal equipment for fruit trees with high leaf density since the application is deposited uniformly in both the interior and exterior areas of the tree.