The Smartomizer, intelligent and connected sprayer for specialty crops developed by Pulverizadores Fede, has received the Technological Novelty Award at 58th FERCAM (Campo Manzanares National Fair).

The fair’s jury highlighted the disruptive advance of the Smartomizer among the other innovations which include tractors, grapes harvesting machines, irrigation systems, renewable energies and other fruit crops protection equipment.

The Fercam awards is an important recognition for the value of the Smartomizer’s innovative technology, as the members of the jury are renowned technicians and agriculture professionals from Castilla-La Mancha. This region is considered as the “biggest vineyard of the world” due it has more than 473.000 hectares of vine crops, being this around the 50% of the Spanish vineyard.

This new award is the 5th prize for the H3O technology of the Smartomizer, together with the Outstanding Technical Novelty Award FIMA 2016 (Spain), Technical Novelty Award and Blue Award EIMA 2016 (Italy), Horti-Tech Award 2017 (Poland) and Outstanding Technical Novelty Award at FIMA 2018 as an agronomic management solution.

The first intelligent and connected air blast

The Smartomizer is smart because it allows to adjust the treatments according to the tree row volume, which means 55% reduction in power consumption and the reduction of the drift upto around 50%, according to the results of the tests carried out by the Unit of Agricultural Mechanization of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UMA-UPC) and by the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research ( IVIA). In this way, both the application and the air volume are adjusted to the phenological state of the tree. This precision in the application, in addition to the efficiency, enables the treatment to be efficient, with savings of up to 25% in phytosanitary product.

The Smartomizer’s intelligence reaches its maximum potential due to the direct connection between the technician, the sprayer and the operator. The technician prepares the work order in the digital platform and sends it directly to the Smartomizer which makes a self-regulation. During the realization of the treatment, the operator receives warnings in real time in case of error in any of the parameters of the sprayer in order to adjust at the moment and avoid further mistakes. Once the treatment is finished, all the data is available on the digital platform so that the technician can accurately visualize the treatment on the map and revise the incidents. This information gives great power to the agricultural companies since they can correct the treatments, for example, by applying again only in the areas that require it.

The Smartomizer represents an example of Pulverizadores Fede commitment to innovation and sustainability. All its efforts toward innovation progress have the aim of promoting sustainable agriculture that increases the productivity and profitability of agricultural companies, being also environmentally friendly and contributing to the society’s health.