The new Pulverizadores Fede Inverter Palmeta H3O Air blast has been awarded at Horti-Tech, a relevant agricultural machinery fair in Poland.

This is an important award due Poland is the main apple’s producer in Europe and the fourth worldwide. In this context, an expert jury in agricultural machinery highlighted the great value of the innovations incorporated by this sprayer destined to protect fruit crops settle on espalier structure.
Inverter Palmeta air blast stands out for incorporating a special aileron for fruit trees that allows a treatment application to be made evenly on trees arranged in espalier structure. The aerodynamics of this aileron makes the volume of air remains constant in all the outputs of the air blast to make a correct application both in the external and internal areas of the tree, easily reaching the tree tops to offer complete coverage.
Likewise, the functional advantage of the Inverter air blast is its anti-leaf absorption feature. The inverted design of the air group does not allow the leaves detached from the trees to be absorbed, thus avoiding accumulation of the same. This is a team designed to protect deciduous trees (apple trees, pears, peach trees, apricot trees …), so that this group of air avoids the obstruction of the air group by accumulation of leaves and, consequently, the damages derived from the same.
To these advantages in the design of the Inverter Palmeta air blast, the incorporation of the H3O technology is added, which allows the adaptation of the treatment according to the vegetable mass. Thanks to the implementation of H3O the air blast reduces the drift by approximately 50% and improves the quality of the treatment since it sends real-time warnings to the operators in case any of the critical parameters of the same (speed, dose, agitation…) is not correct. This prevents failures in the treatments, preventing the proliferation of pests and diseases or having to repeat the application with the high costs involved.

About Horti-Tech

The Kielce Fair hosts Horti-Tech, an exhibition of machines, equipment and accessories for both large plantations and small and medium producers. The exhibition includes cutting-edge machinery and tools for the production of fruits and vegetables.