Pulverizadores Fede will share their advances and knowledge in technology for the special crops protection in the course University Specialist in New Technologies for the agri-food sector and Visual solutions 4.0 in the Universitat Politècnica de València.

This course, organized by VisualNACert, aims to train agronomists and agricultural professionals to be able to implement digital technological advances in agricultural companies to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Specialized contents

It is a face-to-face training for qualified engineers, which will be held between January and June 2018 with a total of 200 hours and 20 ETCS credits, organized in eight modules:

  1. Robotics, precision agriculture and automation. Artificial vision and image analysis.
  2. Remote sensing and geographic information systems.
  3. Aerial platforms and agroforestry data acquisition sensors: satellites, manned and unmanned aircraft.
  4. Precision irrigation systems.
  5. Massive data analysis and predictive calculations.
  6. Creation of an APP for agricultural applications.
  7. VISUAL 4.0 Expert software for farm management.
  8. Study and technological proposal in company.


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