The technological leader presents in the exhibition Tecnovid 2019 its latest novelties, among which the first Smart and connected trailed mist blower and new systems for the protection of the vineyard and special crops.

Pulverizadores Fede presents its smart and connected Tecnovid Qi H3O trailed mist blower together with the innovations Ozone System and Direct Injection System, novelties that can be seen in the stand (Pavilion 6, Stand EF / 19-26) during the exhibition Tecnovid on February 26 to March 1st.

In its work to design technologies that promote the digitalization of field in the sector of special crops, the technology leader has developed a trailed mist blower that incorporates the latest advances in precision agriculture. The Tecnovid Qi H3O trailed mist blower performs an optimal treatment adapting the application depending on the phenological state of vineyard and degree of affectation by plague or disease of the same, through the smart and connected system.

The Tecnovid trailed mist blower is connected to Internet, which implies a direct and real-time relationship between equipment, operator and the agronomist through the Specialty Crops Platform (SCP). The SCP is a digital agronomic management tool that allows a precision treatment through to its functionalities: registration of plots, tractors and trailed air blast or trailed mist blower, configuration of treatment and direct shipment to the Tecnovid trailed mist blower.

Once the technician has configured the work order, the operator receives it on a tablet linked to trailed mist blower so that it self-regulating according to above parameters. Due to the pro-activity and geolocation of the equipment (GPS) the operator visualizes on the tablet the treatment he is doing in real time and receives notifications in case the application is not being performed correctly. After performing the spraying, all the data and incidents are recorded in the SCP to display them accurately, with the option to correct the treatment if necessary by sending partial orders. With the data of treatment, a field notebook with real traceability is generated.

Pulverizadores Fede also presents the new Direct Injection System which the direct addition of the phytosanitary product is made before its exit through the nozzles, without the need to previously carry out the mixing. In this way, when the water reaches the direct injection system, it is mixed proportionally with the selected phytosanitary product and goes directly to the nozzles, which translates into greater treatment efficiency, reduction of equipment wear, as well as a lower risk of contamination by leaks and greater protection for operators.

The Ozone System is also added to these innovations, which allows treatment based on the action of this gas against fungi, viruses and bacteria in special crops, thus reducing the use of phytosanitary product.

During the exhibition, Pulverizadores Fede will participate as a technological reference in the field of digitization and precision agriculture in the sector of special crops in the conference “Strategies of innovation against climate change” (February 26), organized by the FEV along with the PTV and “Bringing science to the sector. A bet of the European Union for the improvement of the viticultural sector “, organized by the UPC together with Innoseta (March 1).