The University of Cordoba, within the framework of the Innovative Public Procurement Agreement signed with the former Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (current Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) that grants an 80% co-financing of FEDER funds, within the Operational Program from Spain 2014-2020, has selected the innovative proposal of Pulverizadores Fede among several companies in its sector, for the co-development of trailed air blast designed to perform high precision treatments in olive groves.

Pulverizadores Fede is a technological leader in equipment for protection of special crops, for that reason it will develop, with the University together, an trailed air blast in which the most cutting-edge advances will be implemented that will optimize the application of treatments in intensive and traditional olive groves, this requirement, collected in the list of technical prescriptions of Precommercial Public Purchase Tender published by the University of Cordoba within its INNOLIVAR project.

Trailed air blast co-developed by Pulverizadores Fede and the University of Cordoba (UCO), incorporates different advances that will suppose a substantial change in the application of phytosanitary product in this crop. Trailed air blast will integrate an innovative system that will suppose a precision of application without precedents in the olive sector.

Said precision in the treatments will entail drift reduction and, consequently, the use of phytosanitary product. The reduction of the drift, in addition to representing a significant saving for the agricultural companies, will be translated in the diminution of the environmental impact of agricultural activity and in improvement of the agro-alimentary security of the olive of table and the oil.

 Likewise, the team designed by Pulverizadores Fede will include new specific solutions for the olive tree that, in turn, may be applied to the treatment of other special crops in order to perform a safer work, and more accurately to efficiently manage the work in the countryside.


In this way, the technology designed by Pulverizadores Fede responds to the Innolivar project, which focuses its efforts on the interaction of R + D + i with companies in the agri-food sector of olive oil and table olives to increase their competitiveness and international positioning. With the new technology of Pulverizadores Fede, agricultural companies will improve the efficiency of the treatments, thus promoting the development of agricultural digitalization, sustainability and the improvement of agri-food safety standards.