Pulverizadores Fede presents its new line of trailed air blast which it visually reinforces its commitment to agricultural sustainability.

During the last decade, Pulverizadores Fede has focused its efforts on innovation to design special crop protection equipment that reduces the environmental impact of phytosanitary product applications.

For this reason, the green color becomes more appearance in trailed air blast and mist blower of technological leader with the aim of emphasizing its commitment to a productive agriculture that respects the environment.“We have managed to reduce the drift by 50% and the fuel consumption up to 5 liters / hour thanks to H3O System. We are working on new digitalization tools that increase the efficiency of treatments in innovation. We wanted this commitment to the environment to be present in our machines, for this reason we have included the green color both in the air groups and in the chassis “, explains Federico Pérez, CEO of Pulverizadores Fede.

With the slogan “Greener, more Fede”,the new designs of trailed air blast and mist blower of Pulverizadores Fede emphasize the green color as a reinforcement of the brand and its raison d’être at the service of field, sustainability, efficiency and hope for a productive agricultural future.