The results have been obtained through field tests carried out during the 2020-2022 period in Viñas del Vero vineyards and Monte do Outeiro olive groves, the project partners.

Fede has led the LIFE-F3 project (LIFE Farm, Fresh Fruit ENV/ES/000349), which received support from the Life Programme, the prestigious environmental and climate action program of the European Union. In this project, Fede has had the collaboration of the partners Viñas del Vero, a company of the González Byass group, and Monte Do Outeiro Sociedade Agricola, which is part of the Nutrifarms group.

With LIFE – F3, it has once again been demonstrated how the Smartomizer H3O and the SCG device reduce the environmental impact of phytosanitary treatments. The field tests were carried out during the period 2020-2022 in vineyards of Viñas del Vero (Spain) and in olive groves of Monte Do Outeiro Sociedade Agricola (Portugal).

Viñas del Vero registered an average reduction of 25% in the use of pesticides and/or biologicals, water and the cost of treatments, while maintaining optimal levels of efficacy against pests and diseases. Likewise, the work performance increased by 11% thanks to the increment of the forward speed of the sprayer and its manoeuvrability, compared to the sample equipment.

On its part, Monte Do Outeiro increased the work performance by 27%, also thanks to the forward speed, which corresponds to a similar decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases and around 18% of water. In this way, the optimization of agricultural inputs and field work resulted in a potential reduction of 20% of the cost of treatment per hectare.

The LIFE-F3 project demonstrates that technologies such as Fede’s Smartomizer H3O and SCG device, which are already being used by hundreds of farmers around the world, achieve a 25% reduction in pesticides and agronomic inputs with optimal protection against pests and diseases.

These data show that Fede’s machinery and agronomic digital solutions, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of phytosanitary treatments and improving food safety standards, help farmers to obtain greater profitability and meet the agricultural market quality and productivity demands.



The project LIFE Farm, Fresh Fruit – LIFE-F3, has received financial contribution of the European Union’s LIFE Programme, the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action, under grant agreement LIFE18 ENV/ES/000349. The opinions expressed reflect only the authors’ views. Neither the European Commission, nor the funding agency, nor its services are responsible for any use that may be made of the information this publication contains.