Pulverizadores Fede founder, Federico Pérez Español, passed away on Monday 1st May at age 84. Pérez Español set up and and promoted a personal project of agricultural sprayers that lead to a reputable family business that became an international technological benchmark in the specialty crops protection sector, and which is currently part of the Kubota Group.

Born in the Valencian town of Chiva (March 30, 1939), Federico Pérez Español taught the trade himself through experience working in his youth as a mechanic for vehicles, tillers and trailer loads in various workshops. Subsequently, he worked as a tillers’ salesperson for local brands and repair shops. In 1967, his conviction and entrepreneurial spirit led him to take the risk of selling his home to found Pulverizadores Fede. These funds allowed him to invest in materials and the development of the moulds to assemble the first agricultural sprayers under his own brand. At the beginning, he himself carried out the assembly and commercialization of the machines in the Valencian countryside. Thanks to his unlimited effort, specialization and closeness to farmers, Pérez Español set the foundations of a prestigious company that experienced a progressive and extraordinary international growth, of which he was Director until 2007.

Federico Pérez Español, a driving role in the mechanization of the Valencian agriculture in the specialty crops protection scope, was always at the service of farmers and Pulverizadores Fede professional team, to whom he transmitted his tenacity through his unwavering philosophy: “May every failure be a victory and never surrender to the problems that life puts in your way”.