This device, installed on the tractor, digitalizes the work on the fields (fertilization, spraying, pruning, etc …), as well as the control of the operators, costs and the maintenance of agricultural implements.

Pulverizadores Fede presents SCG (Specialty Crops Gateway), the first 4.0 integration system for the high-value crops sector. This device manages work orders on the fields (fertilization, spraying, pruning, etc…), collects and processes the data of these jobs, enables detailed control of costs, operators and maintenance of agricultural implements.

The SCG system is a low-cost solution aimed at improving the profitability of agricultural companies, from small farmers to large plantations, as it offers all the necessary functionalities to carry out digital management of field tasks.

It is a small device installed on the tractor, or fleet of tractors, and valid for all tractor brands. The SCG is connected to the Specialty Crops Platform (SCP), an agronomic digital management tool, which enables the direct communication between the agronomist and any implement attached to the tractor.

On the SCP online platform, the plots are delimited, the implements are registered and the work orders of the tasks to be carried out are configured to directly be sent to the tractor. Thus, the operator receives the work order and visualizes it on a touch interface that shows exact information, easy to understand, of the task to be performed.

Likewise, with the SCG the data of the work in progress can be checked in real time from any device (smartphone, computer, touch interface). In addition, based on the GPS functionality, the position of the equipment and the areas in which the work has been carried out is shown to precisely control that the tasks have been carried out correctly.


SCG global launch, live on Youtube:

11st. November 2021 – 17h (GTM+1) |

The value of data with SCG: efficiency, sustainability and profitability

Nowadays, data gathering is done by hand, which means delays in obtaining information that helps to forecast results and take pro-active decisions. This manual data collection slows down the administrative management of agricultural companies and makes difficult a proper control of work and costs.

To this extent, the SCG represents a first step to work in a digital ecosystem, since it is valid for all the implements that are used with the tractor that incorporates the device. The work data in the field is stored and displayed on the digital platform offering full real traceability of the tasks performed.

Furthermore, the accounting of working hours (machine data) allows the user to set maintenance notifications so that warnings are displayed once the stipulated hours have been reached. In this sence, the SCG also contributes to the correct maintenance of the implements, facilitating optimal working conditions (oil changes, etc.).

These data and indicators provided by SCG are highly valuable information for agricultural companies to make effective and efficient decisions in order to improve their productivity and profitability thanks to the visualization of tasks, working hours and cost control.