Pulverizadores Fede is leading the innovation project that it will boost the digitization of the special crops sector in the pre-harvest tasks: SCG (Specialty Crops Gateway).

The objective of this project is a system to integrate all the data related to the comprehensive set of agricultural tasks in the sector of special crops, to analyze them and generate valuable information that helps professionals to make accurate, efficient and efficient decisions that improve the yield of the plantations and the agricultural sustainability.



SCG project is developing in Pulverizadores Fede facilities, where R&D department is located. Its execution period will run from 06/10/2017 to 06/10/2018, and the budget of SCG project is 401,525 euros. Pulverizadores Fede is carrying out this co-finance project due to CDTI and FEDER, two important organizations that promote innovation and business development through different financing programs.