Spraying is one of the most important agricultural tasks, since the quality of the harvest depends directly on it, as well as about 30% of the annual costs of production.


For this reason, farmers need to carry out pest and disease prevention and protection treatments with maximum efficiency.
The technology incorporated by air-blast sprayers and mistblowers of Pulverizadores Fede ensures the total protection of citrus trees in the treatments to obtain crops of optimum quality for sale. This technology has been developed by its experts in protection of specialty crops to offer, in turn, a greater efficiency with which the farmers can increase their productivity. The air-blast sprayers designed by this brand, with 50 years of experience and specialization in citrus fruits, offer 30% more air volume with lower power consumption, which translates into a fuel saving of up to 4l/h compared to other brands. A study carried out by the IVIA (Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research) confirms that the Futur air-blast sprayer offers the best air flow and power consumption in the market, as it registers 81.000 m3/h with only 39hp, compared to the 55.000 m3/h with 60hp of conventional equipment. This air volume allows a better coverage in trees with a high plant density such as citrus trees, uniformly covering both the outside and inside areas of the tree to which is more difficult to access and where pests proliferate if a poor treatment is carried out.


Also, these air-blast sprayers have a patented system that regulates the air outlet to adapt it to the planting pattern according to its characteristics. With the integration of these innovations to the equipment, in addition to the efficiency of consumption in relation to the air volume, Pulverizadores Fede air-blast sprayers manage to reduce noise by 80%, so the farmer works more comfortably and reduces the risks caused by noise pollution.


All these advances are focused on promoting agriculture as a more productive and profitable activity for the farmer and more sustainable and respectful with the environment, thus promoting sustainable development and reduction of environmental impacts.