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Pulverizadores Fede presents a new future for agriculture with the revolutionary H3O project
Pulverizadores Fede presents a new future for agriculture with the revolutionary H3O project

The H3O Futur air blast of the valencian equipment company Pulverizadores Fede has received the outstanding technical novelty prize, the maximum recognition awarded by the international agricultural FIMA 2016 jury (worldwide reference event in agricultural machinery for fruit crops).

Pulverizadores Fede has developed this project within the scope of the SME instrument Horizon 2020 that has the support of the European Union. This body selected the H3O technology to take up the challenge “Food production and processing in an efficient and eco-innovative way”. The investment of 1.3 million of euros is going to enable the launching of a new generation of air blasts that combine the most important technological innovations developed to date at a global level.

Detalle atomizador H3O (NdP)Crop protection is the process with wider impact in agricultural activities; a poor treatment can influence negatively the crop and consequently, the farmers’ profitability. For this reason, one of the main goals of Pulverizadores Fede with the H3O project is to improve treatments’ efficiency and the proper performance of them. Thanks to these new air blasts with H3O intelligent precision technology, farmers will reach a reduction up to 25% in costs of plant protection products and savings up to 4 litters/hour of fuel. This will result in benefits not only for the environment but also for customers because agri-food safety standards will be improved in a different way than even before in a crop protection equipment.

The H3O project is being developed in collaboration with UPC’s Unit of Agricultural Mechanisation (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), led by professor Emilio Gil, reference team in fruit and vineyard crops protection investigation, and with IVIA (Valencian Institute for Agricultural Research), reference centre in citrus crops investigation.

As a result, H3O technology is looming as an historic landmark in pursuit of a productive and profitable agriculture for the farmer and sustainable for the environment and customers.

Pulverizadores Fede will present the global launch of H3O in FIMA 2016, next February with the main researchers and professionals of agricultural sector national and internationally.

  More information: Everybody interested in this project can visit our booth (B-C 27-36; pavilion 1) as well as request tickets at  

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Flag_of_Europe.svgThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 672231”.